Gingerbread Buildables



Take a moment out of your busy day and stitch these two cuties-pies up! Very quick and easy design and fun way to decorate for the holidays! 

Comes in 5 sizes! the 4×4 hoop is a TWO hoop process (still super quick!) and the rest are single hoopings! Comes with PDF written instructions on how to make them. 
Main material used is Felt and a heavy cut away (or tear away) in the middle. 

Hoop     size                   Boy stitches         Girl stitches

4×4        3.52 x 3.91      4,219                      4,479

5×7        5.10 x 5.67      6,075                      6,772

6×10      6.26 x 8.14      8,099                      8,672

7×12      7.02 x 9.13      9,147                      9,849

8×12      7.78 x 9.73      9,936                      10,484


You MUST have an embroidery machine to work with these files and a way to transfer the files from your computer to your embroidery machine.

Refunds:  No refunds will be given due to digital nature of these files. Please check and make sure the format and hoop sizes fit with your embroidery machine before purchasing. 

Download: Instant download in your account you create PLUS an email will be sent to you once complete.  Please give adequate time for the payment to clear through the sites. Most is quite quick, but if the web is being slow, it may take a moment or two before your download is available.

Formats included








If needing another format please ask and I will see what I can do. 

Please respect my designs

 You may NOT copy, trade, edit, share or resell these designs. Designs may be stitched on items for personal use or FINISHED items for sale in limited quantities!