Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open my zipped files?

Newer windows computers and Mac computers have an automatic upzipping feature where you right click the zipped file and choose ”unzip” from the dropdown menu.
Older computers you will need to have a program such as WinZip and follow their instructions for unzipping files.

How do points work?

Every dollar (USD) spent earns you one (1) point. Every 10 points equals $1 USD. 
Points can only be used on regularly priced items. Memberships, gift cards and sale priced items are not eligible, thus points will not be an option at Checkout. You can save up enough points to buy a complete (digital) item or you can use points to partially pay for an item. 

You have 30 points and wish to buy an item that is $5.
You can use your 30 points and pay the difference in price ($2) for said item.

I found this design on *pinterest, instagram, google etc* can I buy it?

If the design is an ‘inspired’ design, no, I am sorry. We no longer offer any inspired design and all past designs that were inspired by books, television and movies have been retired. 

How do I change my Email?

Log into your account
Click on ”My Account” 
Click on ”Account Details” 
Inside Account Details, you can change your email address. 
Please remember to click SAVE! 

Do you take Custom Orders?

No, I am sorry. I not currently taking any custom designs. We DO take requests and a running list that we try very hard to create when we reach those themes the request falls into!
I hope you may be able to find some other fun designs on our site!

I can't log in.

On the ‘my account’ page, click on ‘reset my password’.
Add your email and send. Please make sure you look in your others and spam folders for the reset link. 

How do I use my points?

After you have selected all the fun designs you wish to purchase, go the checkout.
On the checkout page, you should see at the top an option for points. There you can choose to use as much of your points towards your purchase as you like.
SPECIAL NOTE: you can not use points on SALE items. This includes new items that are marked on intro price.