• OAD Fiona Flamingo REV SJ 2000
  • OAD Fiona Flamingo REV SJ 44 2000
  • OAD Fiona Flamingo REV JKH 2000
  • OAD Flamingo Multi 80072
  • Flamingo Stuffie DB 800 72

Fiona Flamingo Stuffie


Revised June 2023 – Open legs added, separate eyelashes and eye color added


Bring a smile to many faces with this Fiona Flamingo Stuffie embroidery design. Your loved ones will truly love these personalized plushies. You can stitch them as gifts or you can also involve the little ones in your life by letting them choose the colors and fabrics. Especially Great for Baby Showers along with Birthday Parties!

Stitchers can complete this stuffie in 2 quick hoopings. Purchasers will find a specific step by step photo tutorial in download. This project is beginner friendly. Please check out our facebook fan group for questions and support!

Fabric Recommendations:

We recommend fleece/minky for your body materials, however you can absolutely  experiment with lots of other materials. You can use a wide variety of materials for appliques as well but ensure you zigzag/serge the seam allowances when using fabrics that fray.

You will find the following hoop sizes are included for the Fiona Flamingo Stuffie embroidery design.

                Legs                         Body

4×4          1.44 x 3.78               3.67 X 3.76

5×7          1.77 x 6.03               4.64 x 6.71

6×10         1.88 X 6.95               5.85 x 9.63

7×12         2.12 x 7.83               6.58 x 10.83

8×12         2.38 x 8.15               7.28 x 11.28


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