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Dragon Flap Bag Purse


Released Mythical Creatures 2 Week
June 25, 2021
Also Included in:
Mythical Creatures 2 Week Bundle – June 25, 2021
June 2021 Monthly Membership

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This Dragon Flap Bag Purse embroidery design is an fun and creative bag. You will find it makes a great purse for children as well as a carry bag for small items. Mythical enthusiasts will also really love this tote!

Super quick in the hoop stitch outs make great party favors, class gifts, and so much more. Easily personalize for an even more unique touch!

Stitchers can complete this  adorable Dragon Flap Bag Purse Embroidery Design in four quick and easy hoopings. The attachments will be stitched out in hoop one. You will complete the flap and front in the second and third hooping and then add them to the main bag in the forth hooping. This design is made almost entirely in the embroidery hoop. Stitchers will have to simply close a turning hole by hand stitching.

This project is a beginner friendly project. Purchasers will find a complete step by step photo PDF tutorial included in the zip file. Stitchers will find the 4×4 bag to be a simplified version as pictured due to size constraints. Our fan group is also a great resource for help and support if needed!

Hoop Sizes (mm) :

              Actual Size    Stitches

4×4         100 x 99          12,946

5×7         130 x 180        22,500

6×10       156 x 228        27,985

7×12       177 x 259       32,486

8×12       197 x 288       36,781

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